The Real Beto

Attractive, educated, relatable, progressive.  These are the words some use to describe Beto O’Rourke, a current House member and the Democratic nominee for Texas Senate seeking to unseat conservative Ted Cruz. His campaign has struck national appeal with articles in Town and Country, Time and Rolling Stone, as they herald him as the future of the Democrat party. In Texas, his signs dot urban landscapes. His bumper stickers speckle the streets. His unsolicited texts fill phones. But who is this guy?

Robert Francis O’Rourke, a graduate of Columbia University, is a native of El Paso, a west Texas border city. Though a white American, Robert O’Rourke, goes by a culturally-appropriated Hispanic nickname, “Beto,” short for “Roberto” in Spanish.  From his website, Beto seems like a family guy trying to make a difference for the regular people.  However, a deeper look reveals the roots behind his rhetoric…indeed the rhetoric of the Democratic party.

Beto Opposes Common-Sense Border Enforcement:

Beto supports amnesty and is “open” to the abolition of ICE. He states that he would like to “Reform our immigration laws to legalize the status of millions of immigrants” (i.e. amnesty) and “end the militarization of our immigration enforcement system” (i.e. possibly abolish ICE). Such rhetoric deceptively refers to both illegal and legal immigration as one in the same.  Moreover, amnesty and the abolition (or “demilitarization”) of ICE leaves our country vulnerable to criminal entry and exploitation by drug and human traffickers.

Beto voted against Kate’s Law, named for Kate Steinle who was fatally shot while walking with her dad in San Francisco. Her killer was a five-time deported illegal immigrant who, at the time, was on probation in Texas for seven felonies including unauthorized reentry, narcotic manufacturing and heroin possession Kate’s Law proposed increased penalties for illegal immigrants with multiple re-entries.

Beto also supports sanctuary cities which act as safe harbors for criminals.  He voted against the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act which prohibits federal funding for cities with so-called “sanctuary city” policies. The recent murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal immigrant underscores the need for common sense border enforcement to keep our country and our citizens safe.

Beto Supports Drug Traffickers, Not Public Safety

Beto wants to “end the U.S. government’s war on drugs” and “end the federal prohibition of marijuana.”  This means legalizing recreational marijuana and shutting down the prosecution of marijuana drug possessors and traffickers. However, the legalization of recreational marijuana has caused devastating effects including the marked increase in car accident fatalities.

It is unclear whether Beto supports legalizing all drugs, but he stands painfully silent on the opioid crisis which claims 115 American lives every day due to overdose. Beto also turns a blind eye to the true separation of families: orphans and foster children created from the opioid crisis.  A recent study correlates the rise in opioid-related deaths of adults to increased entry of children into foster-care.

Fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid with a lethal dose of just 2 mg, (see Figure 1 and Figure 2 for size comparison) has been pouring through the southern border. CBS News reports: “The amount of fentanyl U.S. customs officials seized illegally entering the United States has more than doubled since 2016 to 1,370 pounds, with the vast majority coming in through points of entry on the southern U.S. border.” To give perspective on the drug’s potency, in May authorities in Nebraska seized a record-breaking 118 pounds of fentanyl. This amount could have killed at least 26 million people. Beto’s opposition to common-sense border enforcement has tragic consequences for those affected by opioids.

Beto Supports the Abortion Industry, Not Women

Beto has a 100% rating by both NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood and a NARAL endorsement.

Beto supports tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider (about 881 babies per day in 2016) and the subject of a House Oversight investigation for the illegal sale of baby parts.  Beto supports the public financial support of this organization and voted against the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015.

Beto voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act which guarantees babies who survive an abortion be given adequate medical care.  It also specifies that intentionally leaving babies to die could result in prosecution.

Beto voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which acknowledges the scientific fact that babies can feel pain and protects them from being killed after 20 weeks (5 months).  The 20 week restriction is supported by 6 in 10 Americans.

Beto Opposes Economic Flourishing

Beto opposed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has resulted in millions of Americans receiving bonuses, pay hikes, and 401k distributions.  It has also strengthened the jobs market and created a stable situation for companies to begin their own family leave policies—not mandated or subsidized by the federal government.

Instead of economic freedom, Beto wants to “promote regulations that protect consumers, promote competition and grow the economy.”  Yet this clever rhetoric disguises Beto’s vison of a government which stifles the economy through control, regulation and subsidization.  Additionally, while he speaks of increasing regulations to protect consumers, this claim actually appears to be disingenuous. For in “demilitarizing” ICE, Beto likely relinquishes the inspection and regulation of goods coming through our southern border. ICE checks goods (especially foods) to verify that they do not pose a threat to the American people. Beto’s narrow economic vision over-regulates American companies, while failing to protect American consumers from the real threats of contaminated foods and goods crossing the border.

Beto Opposes School Choice

On education, Beto says, “No public tax dollars should be given to private schools.”  Translation: Beto opposes school choice.  He wants to continue forcing parents to send their kids to government schools that don’t meet their needs.

Beto Opposes Common-Sense Privacy Laws

Beto wants to “strike down toxic legislation like Senate Bill 6 and any regulation that discriminates against a student based on their sexual orientation of gender identity.” While Beto focuses on discrimination, he ignores how bathroom privacy laws like The Texas Privacy Act (SB 6) protect vulnerable children from opportunistic predators. Beto’s opposition to common sense privacy laws endangers young girls and boys by giving predators total access to bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

Beto Supports Environmental Weaponization

Beto wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords—a deal which requires the U.S. to cut emissions (which have already been drastically reduced) while letting India and China (the world’s largest polluters) do nothing. While having the political appearance of “being green,” the Climate Accords stifle business, costs jobs and require nothing from the world’s largest polluters.

He also believes in “empowering the EPA to exercise oversight of those harming the environment, particularly drilling, fracking, and pipeline construction.” Beto wants to weaponize the EPA to shut down the oil industry, taking millions of American jobs with it.  Similarly, Obama used the EPA to punish business while failing to address real issues like air quality, water quality and toxic waste clean-up.

Moreover, he bases his actions on the false assumption that increased energy use pollutes the environment. Yet, according to Forbes magazine, air pollution in the US has declined 72 % since 1970, in spite of a 47% total increase in energy use.

Beto also opposes accountability and transparency of the EPA.  He voted against the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act which prohibits EPA Science advisory board members from applying for EPA grants. It also prohibits the appointment of a lobbyist to the advisory board.

Beto Opposes Gun Rights

Beto also wants to limit guns.  On his website he wants to close guns shows, require more background checks and reduce the sale of high capacity magazine guns. This logic fails to recognize reality: Criminals get guns illegally—they don’t do background checks.  Further, American gun owners have stopped many crimes, such as the man who stopped the Sutherland Springs killer. Americans (and women especially) should have the right to defend themselves against predators and home intruders.

Beto Opposes American Security

Beto voted against the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act which allows legal action against countries sponsoring terrorism.

Beto voted against the Make America Secure Act which provides funding to our military.

Beto vocally supported the Obama’s “Iran Nuclear Deal” which gave over $150 billion to Iran aiding their terrorism and nuclear weapons capabilities.

Beto Supports Failed Policy: ObamaCare

Beto supports universal (or single-payer) healthcare and wants to “improve the Affordable Care Act.” He has stated (see video: 7:18) that he would support Bernie Sanders’ health care plan. He fails to recognize that the AAC (ObamaCare) has needlessly drained tax-dollars, increased premiums and decreased coverage.  Additionally, the socialist model of universal healthcare causes long lines, crummy service and 2 year wait lists for surgery. The insurance companies and politicians win while the patient loses.

Beto Represents the Radical Left, not America

Beto O’Rourke’s national publicity lauds him as a new, young Democratic leader. However, a deeper look reveals the true identity of both Beto and the Democratic party as a whole.

It’s time to separate the reality from the rhetoric.  It’s time to confront the real Beto, not the airbrushed version portrayed in magazines and interviews.  His voting record reveals him as a pro-pot, pro-abortion, anti-privacy, anti-gun, anti-school choice politician who opposes economic flourishing, common sense border enforcement, wants to weaponize the EPA against businesses and seeks to compromise the American military and national security.  Beto represents the radical Left, not Texas and not America.

Also published on Patriot Post, August 27, 2018.

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5 Comments on “The Real Beto

  1. Outstanding and just what I’ve been looking for, Caroline. I intend to spread this as well as I can, even into El Paso, where I have a friend working on the campaign of the man running for the Congressional seat made available by Beto now running against TED. Thanks so much,
    Keep it coming!!

    • Thank you Ann!! Together, we can help our state know who the real Beto is!!

  2. Caroline,
    Outstanding! However, O’Rourke is an Anti-Semite, voting against additional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome; he boycotted Bibi’s speech to Congress; and he has taken more than $170,000, bundled by J-Street, self-loathing Jews who fight to destroy Israel by supporting the BDS movement and Israel giving away strategically critical land that would allow her enemies easier access to destroy her. Hopefully, AIPAC will get on the stick and hilight O’Rourke’s anti-Israel positions.

    • Hi Esther! Thank you so much for the additional information. You are 100% right!!

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