Why Empowered, Intelligent Women Should Be Conservative

Recent Pew Research data reveals a Democratic trend among women voters.  A majority (56%) of women identify or lean Democrat (a 4% increase since 2015). Additionally, a majority (70%) of Millennial women identify as Democrat, a dramatic change from 56% four years ago. While many women vote Democrat from a “compassionate” perspective, here’s why they should reconsider:

1.Poverty: “I’m a Democrat because I care about the poor” is not an uncommon statement, but is it true? Do Democrat policies actually help the poor?  Welfare and entitlement programs have arguably been the greatest contributors to the breakup of urban families in the last several decades. By incentivizing lack of work, unwed motherhood and fatherlessness, welfare programs have created generational poverty and most tragically, have contributed to the loss of dignity in poor communities. Caring about the poor should mean empowering their dignity, worth and potential by incentivizing them to be employed and self-sufficient.

Work requirement policies have helped this tremendously.  Seeing the poor not as social caste, to be exploited for their vote, but as people worthy of opportunity, changes their view of themselves and society’s view of their situation. Democrat welfare policies keep the poor impoverished.  Market-oriented policies empower the poor to join the dignity of the American Dream.

2. Abortion: “Abortion hurts women” is not a political or religious statement. It’s a scientific fact. Whether it is increased substance abuse, increased suicide risk, or complications in subsequent pregnancies, abortion harms women physically and psychologically. In addition, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, receives half a billion dollars annually from taxpayers.  Giving taxpayer money to an organization built on exploiting women and profiting from their crisis is unacceptable.

3. Education: Women understand the value of education. When it comes to our nation’s children, educational opportunity should not be limited to a zip code. Democrat policies continue to pour more money into failing public schools, while teaching pornographic material as “education.”  This is unacceptable. Women deserve better for their families. They deserve school choice.

4. Guns: Women are more likely than men to be sexually assaulted, raped or to be victims of other sexual crimes. More women are the single caretakers of the home than in previous generations and more women have to walk through a dark parking garage after working late. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes for the police to respond to a call, which is inadequate to save a woman from sexual assault. For women, a gun provides safety.  While not every woman feels comfortable carrying a weapon, those who do should be able to protect themselves. If a gun can save one women from being raped, that is enough. Her right to defend herself should be protected.

5. Border Enforcement: Democrat policies fail to address the criminals and drugs pouring over the southern border. In 2015, 32-year old Kate Steinle was fatally shot while walking with her dad in San Francisco. Her murderer?  A five-time deported man who, at the time, was on probation in Texas for seven felonies including unauthorized reentry, narcotic manufacturing and heroin possession. In addition, the MS-13 gang members who enter primarily though the southern border, commit criminal activity including extortion, robbery, prostitution, drug dealing, rape and murder following their motto, “Kill, Rape, Control.” The lack of border enforcement has exacerbated the opioid crisis, which claims 115 American lives every day due to overdose, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse.  Fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid with a lethal dose of just 2 mg, has been pouring through the southern border. CBS News reports: “The amount of fentanyl U.S. customs officials seized illegally entering the United States has more than doubled since 2016 to 1,370 pounds, with the vast majority coming in through points of entry on the southern U.S. border.” To give perspective on the drug’s potency, last month authorities in Nebraska seized 118 pounds of fentanyl. This amount could kill at least 26 million people.

Women deserve common-sense border enforcement that protects our citizens from both violence and drugs.

Women are not just voters.  They are teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers and CEOs.  They are daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, mothers and grandmothers.  They care about their families and their communities. Women need to reconsider their priorities and reject the toxic, victim-based identity-politics which are leading our country nowhere. Women must choose whether to view themselves as oppressed or empowered, as victims, or victors, as rageful or rational.

The Democratic policies based upon the exploitation of the poor in welfare, the exploitation of women in abortion, the lack of quality in education, the lack of compassion for women protecting themselves and the lack of border enforcement policies has rendered the Democratic party and its policies unacceptable. The truly empowered and intelligent woman should face this reality and have the courage to be a conservative.

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Originally published on Patriot Post, June 28, 2018

4 Comments on “Why Empowered, Intelligent Women Should Be Conservative

  1. Why does a woman have to be republican, democrat, independent or libertarian when it comes to voting? Especially during primaries, one should not be forced to choose. For the christian woman, she should be free to vote her conscience. The candidate’s character, values, background and platform should be what is considered. There are unqualified candidates of every party. And there are qualified candidates of each party. No one is perfect. The only perfect person is Yeshua, the Messiah. And when we are in him, we can have his mind. “…Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus …”

    • Hi Lucille,
      Thanks so much for your interest in this topic. You raise a great point: do we need to be wedded to a particular party when both are flawed?

      The answer to this question lies in the “platform.” Both Democrats and Republicans discuss and vote on their platforms during their respective conventions. The platform sets forth policy priorities. Here are the links to the platforms:

      Democrat: https://www.democrats.org/party-platform
      Republican: https://www.gop.com/the-2016-republican-party-platform/ click the link to download the PDF of the platform.

      The Republican platform upholds the value of human life, religious liberty and other key points that people of faith would consider important. I would urge everyone to read through the platforms and align with the one that best represents their values.

      Thanks for raising the question and I hope that through research, you’ll find the answers you seek.

  2. Thank you, Caroline, for this instructive and very needed guidance to young women. I love watching you present the wisdom from God that otherwise, some might never find. Ann

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